How to coil a climbing rope backpack

The Perfect Backpack Coil

Bring the end of the rope through its own loop at the top of the bundle, creating a half hitch around the top of the bundle. You can use exterior straps to attatch crampons, ropes, jackets, and ice tools, so make sure to leave a few. Have a leader and follower pack. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

how to coil a climbing rope backpack

Help answer questions Learn more. Pass the free ends through this loop and tighten.

Butterfly Coil Technique (Includes AWESOME Rope Backpack Method)

Drape this length of rope across your shoulders, behind your neck. Don't remove your hand from the fold because you will need it there for the next step.

how to coil a climbing rope backpack

December 14, 2014 at 2: On the approach to a long in-a-day climb, have one climber coil the rope s backpack-style, and both climbers wear their harnesses. Cookie Policy. Learning how to manage climbing rope and coil it properly doesn't just make it easier to store it or take it from place to place: Feed the slack around the big loop a few times, bundling it all together so it looks like a really thick noose.

Traveling light and fast will make it easier to climb. Forest Woodward photo.

How to Butterfly Coil a rope

Finding the halfway point will give you an extra scan for damage, and starting from the middle makes for a better rope over time, clearing the cord of twists and kinks. Tips Some rope bags are designed so that you don't have to coil your climbing rope.

Packs and Packing Many of us enjoy climbing for the feeling of movement over rock, and no one wants to be weighed down by a backpack.

Packs and Packing

Then bring one loose end over each shoulder as carrying straps, like a backpack is carried. Then pull on the loose ends of the rope to cinch it down, effectively tying the bundle shut. You might also want to remove some of the accessory straps, but I do find some to be useful. You can still clip a few items to the harness, but the majority of the rack, plus food and other items, will be carried in the pack.

how to coil a climbing rope backpack

Learning how to coil a rope into an easy-to-carry backpack will eliminate carrying a backpack with you as you climb or even hike. Wrap both ends of the rope around the bundle you made, below where your hand grips the coils, cinching each wrap tight.

Drape the resulting arm-length of rope across your shoulders. Pull the loose ends partially through the fold with your hand, making a loop. Join 68 other followers Follow.