How to choose lip liners

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how to choose lip liners

The 19 Best Worldwide Wellness Retreats of 2019. Most lip crayons also come with a sharpener attached or included.

how to pick your lipliner color

So luxurious, you'd never guess they're made with organic and vegan ingredients. Experiment with different colors if you have a neutral skin tone. Sharpen your pencil every time you use it to prevent bacteria and keep a crisp point.

how to choose lip liners

You should have bright lipstick on either side of your line. Pick a liner that matches the color of your lipstick for a seamless look.

how to choose lip liners

For best results, sharpen your crayon before each use. The two lines that make the point will be your top lip and bottom lip.

When You Should Be Using Lip Liner

Learn more. Cookies make wikiHow better. The texture is perfect. It's all about user-friendly products, textures and colours... On the top, you'll draw a line on each side, connecting the edge of your lips to the center.

Editor's Pick: The Best Lip Liner to Go with All Your Lipsticks

Choose lip liners with blue or purple undertones for cool complexions. If you have a neutral skin tone, you have both warm and cool undertones to your complexion. You have a cool complexion if your skin has a bluish tint and looks best against silver jewelry. They're creamy and glide smoothly across your lips, but they also have great "grip.

This is the most popular lip liner option because of its creamy, rich texture. In general, you'll look best in subtle shades rather than bold ones.

how to choose lip liners