How to change valve stem oil seals

Changing your own oil. Intercooler Efficency. Next turn on your air compressor and regulate the air 60-90 psi, turn the crankshaft until the cylinder you are replacing valve seals on is on top dead center.

how to change valve stem oil seals

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how to change valve stem oil seals

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Changing Valve Seals and Springs in the motor

With the spring compressed, remove the valve keepers having a small telescoping pocket magnet will assist greatly in this and you should be able to see the valve seal at this point.

If for any reason it gets held up or stuck, then something is not right and you should abort what your doing. The idea is to get the rope to coil like a snake and fill the cylinder area.

Changing Valve Seals and Springs in the motor A detailed look at performing a valve stem job with and without an air compressor Contributed By: You will need to remove the cylinder head cover, the rocker arms and the push rods.


Rest assured this is a very tedious operation, however, if you have the correct compression on the valve spring with the tool, you should be able to just barely see the valve seal groove from the top of the valve spring. Set that cylinder at TDC so you have the smallest volume to keep pressurized. Then put your 12-point socket or special tool on the seal and seat it the rest of the way. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: Well there is a better way and that is what this article is about.

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Lower the cylinder half way down 3.

how to change valve stem oil seals