How to become international travel guide

Is there an age requirement for being a tour guide?

Be Paid To Travel

I had been trained in the UK and abroad on an actual walking trip and knew roughly how leading worked, but I was nervous at having to look after 16 people for two weeks all on my own. Please help me figure out how to find a job! Your teachers, in particular, could connect you with people they know are looking for guides.

how to become international travel guide

What do you do when she starts screaming at you about the lack of hot water, hygiene, and familiar foods? A fully trained tour guide will have the opportunity to guide many different itineraries for their tour company — meaning you will visit, study and experience new destinations multiple times!

how to become international travel guide

Your job may be in an exciting location, but you must make sure you are capable of working a difficult schedule. That said, if you're looking for the companies that target more middle-class, culture-oriented, I'd suggest you just take a look at how the trips organized by Grand Circle , General Tours , Road Scholar formerly Elder Hostel, but I guess they wanted to go more upscale and younger , Globus , and Overseas Adventure Travel.

In both instances, I do speak the language, and could, for example, troubleshoot with hotel and food service providers to make sure that the guests came away happy and, at the end of the day, the tour operator did, too. Hospitality and Tourism Careers. Nick Nikolsky Nick worked as a full-time tour leader over many years, covering everywhere from the Faroe Islands to Cambodia.

Get paid to travel: become a tour leader

The main reason I wanted to work for student travel company was to travel, and travel I did! I did get to travel with them a bit, but mainly to familiarize myself with the locations and accomodations for sales and to get to know our local staff people.

Professional tour guide associations and groups like the International Guide Academy in Denver, Colorado offer classes to professionalize guides.

how to become international travel guide

July 16, 2014 min read. And they don't post their positions because they don't have to but if you visit their websites you can usually find hiring information or the name of the recruiter buried deep within.

Dream Travel Jobs: How I Lived in Italy + Got Paid To Travel To 10 Countries

You should also get in touch with the Professional Tour Guides Association in the area. Act fast when something goes wrong. Can you imagine doing this? In countries where English is widely spoken or where systems are set up to make life easier for foreigners, you don't have to speak the language.

how to become international travel guide

Made Recently. Not Helpful 3 Helpful 40. Many travel companies base who is going on a weekend trip on sales, so it is important to sell well during the week if you are hoping to go somewhere during the weekend. The ability to keep people calm and interest in helping others enjoy themselves.