How to become a car guys

If the fluid is black, that's very bad.

how to become a car guys

By Yoav Gilad November 14, 2014. They'll also give you a sense of how bad the oil is, and potentially how poorly the car is maintained.

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how to become a car guys

I hit the Beltway, which was at a virtual stand-still and crawled along averaging about eight mph. If you don't know what it means to take a set, you've never done it.

10 Great Ways to Learn About Cars

Explain basic alignment and suspension terminology Toe, camber, and caster are all huge factors in how your car turns, and how it feels as you do so. Understand the difference between HP and torque One is a rotational force, and the other is a metric based on that rotational force, multiplied by the measured RPM, divided by 5,280.

how to become a car guys

Share on Facebook Pin it. Did I ever even have a chance not to be a car guy.

How do I become a car guy ?

I had previously thought that classic cars were out of my price range, so when i saw that price I started wondering what else I could get. Some of them are more advanced than others, but if you want to understand what's going on with your car at all times, you need to know them well enough to explain them. Follow us on: Positive clamp on dead battery.

5 Things Every Car Enthusiast Needs To Know

Learning how to use things like rubbing and polishing compounds with an orbital or random orbital polisher is a skill that takes just a few hours to adequately learn, and one that pays huge dividends for the rest of your life. Just after college I owned a Ford Tempo 2 dr. The water did not even hit the ground before freezing, that was my sign for being a petrolhead.

What Makes You a Car Guy?

The strength of a relationship is not tested during a honeymoon. There are a few points here. Both the Pontiac and I had health issues and at the time I lived at home and commuted to college.

how to become a car guys

Vasi Atanasova. Glorious drive back to my apartment in my first car: Every time I drove it over 75 mph I wished it was a stick shift.