How to beat duriel in diablo 2

Andariel by Amy - Jan 16, 2018.

How to kill Duriel?

Trending posts. If you have to hit it and go back to town, do so.

how to beat duriel in diablo 2

To be honest, I don't understand all the suggestions, since I'm not really into the 'Diablo' lingo just yet, but I'll give it a go. Diablo will fall, as will the rest.

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However, he does not seem to care what the pain means to the recipient. As I said sorcs won't be able to take many hits so use an energy shield and a merc.. You cannot kill Duriel. Are you sure? That's probably it if you're untwinked.

how to beat duriel in diablo 2

Killing Duriel in Nightmare is easier than Normal. If a player provides the mercenary with a good spear and a good armor, they may see Duriel go down at first attempt in Normal difficulty. If I remember correctly, Duriel is good at blocking.

how to beat duriel in diablo 2

Please help us, simple peasants... Aug 15, 2007 Messages: I had the same trouble with my hammerdin.

how to beat duriel in diablo 2

Great Evils. Almost all damage duri makes is cold if you don't let him charge , that's why stacking cold resist is so effective.

I do, however, have 2 questions: Boards Diablo II: Just wait for him to die, and take care to heal yourself appropriately.

He shouldnt have Holy Freeze in normal. Then go to the opposite side of him and start attacking him.