How to be slender man pewdiepie part

Slender: The Eight Pages

She was able to find 4 pages before being caught by Slenderman. The beta for the full version of Slender: A different Slender Man game.

On July 16, 2012 it was CutiePie 's turn to play it. PewDiePie then began playing Slender Mod. According to the legend, he can stretch out or shorten his arms at will. He then comes across a note in a house that tells him to go to an underground facility, but Slendy is in hot pursuit.

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Slender Man

A mod of the original Slender. Miles "tails prower1667.

how to be slender man pewdiepie part

At the end of the first episode though, PewDie got so scared he rage quitted the game and googled kitten pictures to calm himself down see Kitten Therapy.

Nicknamed by Pewdie. This is the first official Slender title that PewDiePie has ever succeeded in completing, even though technically he really hasn't completed it yet since all he beat was the beta. PewDie encountered Slenderman a few times, and in some cases the screen would go static or a game over screen when he got dangerously close to the creature or vice versa.

On August 17, 2012, a new Slender game came out known as Sanatorium , which is based on the game Slender.

Pewdie found a few different pages scattered through the park, and complimented how the game had actual story to it. Sign In Don't have an account? In this episode he wasn't so scared anymore, and managed to proceed with the note search even when Slenderman is around. As his name describes, Slender Man is a tall faceless person in a suit. It offers much improved graphics, and serves as a remake of the original; the full version of The Arrival will include a story mode and more levels, with more than just one enemy.

He does his usual "Ole, Dole, Doff... After activating a generator in the facility and finding a note, he encounters Slender Man again, but escapes. The next day, PewDie has a new Slender record of 7 out of 8 pages, just needing one more to win the Sanatorium map.

how to be slender man pewdiepie part

PewDie then attempts to escape the forest, only to get surrounded by multiple Slender Men. He constantly called it Slendy, short for Slender.

how to be slender man pewdiepie part