How many atp are produced during photosynthesis

Amount of ATP required in photosynthesis.

ATP is produced during photosynthesis, so I guess you are referring to the carbon-fixation cycle? Let me briefly summarize what both processes do: Existing questions.

how many atp are produced during photosynthesis

Plants burn these carbohydrates and other products derived from them through the process of respiration, the reverse of photosynthesis. What are all the ways evolution could occur here? Glucose is made of six carbon atoms, six oxygen atoms, and twelve hydrogen atoms. I seem to recall that 11 photons are required for one sugar molecule, which is later used by the cell to make other molecules.

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Jan 5, 2004 5. They can put a bunch of sugars together to make starch what foods are starchy? These compounds have a high energy unstable terminal phosphate bond and that terminal phosphate is easily detached with the transfer of the energy to drive chemical reactions in the synthesis of other biomolecules. It also shows the energy relationships which are measured as voltage potential shown on the scaleon the right. Also, since we animals can't produce glucose by ourselves, we have to get it from somewhere else-- from eating plants.

how many atp are produced during photosynthesis

Glucose is an important building block that is necessary to produce all of the proteins, DNA, cells, tissues, etc. Can plants live without animals? There is an alternative shunt whereby the electron flow turns back to cytochrome b563 green line and this is called cyclic electron flow and it occurs when there is no need for NADPH, so only ATP is produced.

how many atp are produced during photosynthesis

This chemical reaction can be described by the following simple equation: Why must the two strands of a DNA double helix run anti parallel of each other? No, create an account now. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. In most organisms, respiration releases the energy required for all metabolic processes.

How many ATP are produced in photosynthesis?

How many ATP are produced in photosynthesis? What would have to happen for a population of Aphids all genetic clones to evolve? Join Physics Forums Today! The most important are the green chlorophylls which are complex protoporphyrin resembles hemoglobin molecules which have a magnesiun ion in the center. There are two of these Photochemical Reaction Centers: Nitrogenous base molecule?