How long do u boil turnip for

I make a thick rich white sauce, add sugar and gently stir in diced cooked turnips lightly salted , it is delicious, I might add that I use butter when I make my white sauce, marjarine is not acceptable! Cut them into bite-size chunks and microwave in chicken broth until softened. Continue cooking them until they're tender. When I was a child I hated turnips and they were on our table alot.

How to Boil Turnips

All Rights Reserved. Ready for the fun part? Sprinkle the turnips with 1 tbsp. Quarter 1 pound of turnips.

Our Best Tips For Making Boiled Turnips!

When the fork goes in easily, it means they are done. Next cut each piece into one inch cubes.

how long do u boil turnip for

Boil large turnips -- those over 3" wide -- uncovered to let some of the bitter fumes escape. Cut the turnips into thick slices, and blanch them in a steamer for 3 to 5 minutes. Return it to the pot. Irish American Dad fancied a scoop of mashed turnip instead of an overly-sweet, sweet potato casserole that year. Simply delicious!

How To Cook Rutabaga Or Turnip Irish Style

Baby turnips can be sliced and eaten raw. Turnips can be chopped, sliced or diced at this point. Serve them dried as a snack, or add them to soup such as you would crackers. Turnips will be lumpy but slightly mashed. Post A Recipe.

How Long Should You Boil Turnips?

Another way to avoid over boiling the turnip is to leave the cover off the lid. Light a grill. Goodbye and blessings.

They'll add a crunchy texture and a bright flavor.

how long do u boil turnip for

Sun, Nov 18, 2012. When the onion begins to soften, add the turnips, along with another tablespoon of olive oil.

how long do u boil turnip for

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