How do you hot knife hash

how do you hot knife hash

Log in or Sign up. Little balls of hash that are vaporized with red hot butter knives.

Its hard the first few times. Have whatever you're going to smoke lying on a flat surface that isnt going to melt from the knifes. Share This Page Tweet.

how do you hot knife hash

It takes alot of practice. To hotknife, the way I do it, is take two table knife, aka butterknifes, and heat them up to red hot on your electric stove or with a blowtorch.

Adding hash to a pipe that has flower in it creates a unique high as opposed to just smoking hash on its own.

Smoking Hash without Bong or Joint. Alternative to Hot Knifing Technique

Website by Grassworks Digital. Hot knives unknown. How to Load a Hash Bowl Dry sieved kief that has been pressed into coins or bricks is known as the classic style of hash.

how do you hot knife hash

Do not operate motor vehicles or machinery under the influence of this drugs. I've done it a few times and I love it. It's a great way to get ultimatly stoned.

Smoking Method: Hotkniving

Then the other knife presses against the other side of the hash. I cant picture it in my head. Do you already have an account? Dag yo , those hotknifes got me hella blazed son. Chongzbongz , Feb 23, 2005. Also works for smoking balls of resin you scrape from your pipes.

Best Ways to Smoke Hash

Grab the little bugger with the red hot knifes and it will instantly become smoke. I use to do this over 10 years ago with my buddies, it's easy...

Gothen , Feb 22, 2005. Once they're red hot, put the bottle in your mouth, or have someone hold it for you in your mouth. Kniferz are my fave way of blazin up conserves, and gets you high as fuck!

how do you hot knife hash

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