Flush toilet how it works

flush toilet how it works

An old-style flush toilet typically uses 13 liters 3. One of these devices—called a ballcock—is connected to the water supply and controls delivery of water to the tank.

When you push on the handle, it pulls the chain, which is connected to the flush valve. If there were no refill tube, there would only be a small amount of water in the bottom of your toilet which could become a problem!

The toilet itself is much like any other, but it has a macerating and pumping unit red behind and underneath its cistern. Some water is always trapped in a big curved pipe at the base of the toilet known as the S-bend or S-trap.

Among his many other achievements, prolific Arabic inventor and engineer Al-Jazari developed a flushing hand-washing device in 1206, while English writer and courtier Sir John Harington 1561—1612 described a method for flushing a toilet in 1596 in his article A New Discourse of a Stale Subject, Called the Metamorphosis of Ajax.

That means the float rod is no longer pressing against the valve, so water begins to flow into the tank, filling it up again.

How Toilet Flushing Works

Press the handle to flush the toilet and you operate a lever dotted line inside the cistern. And these are the 4 connections you need to make on the outside:. There's enough water flowing down from the cistern to flush the toilet around the S-bend S-trap.

flush toilet how it works

Prev NEXT. One solution to problems like this is to fit a macerating toilet sometimes called an upflush toilet , which is a bit like a cross between a conventional toilet and a waste disposal unit.

How Toilets Work

Not only did Sir Harrington come up with the idea of the toilet, but he actually installed an early working prototype in the palace of Queen Elizabeth I who happened to be his godmother. When you flush, all of the water in the tank is dumped into the bowl in about three seconds -- the equivalent of pouring in a bucket of water. Next up come ready-made, self-contained composting toilets that look a bit like traditional toilets.

flush toilet how it works

The contents of the toilet are flushed down the main drain. A toilet works because of gravity.

How toilets work

You don't need custom equipment! By lifting the flapper up, the water inside the tank is allowed to flow down into the toilet bowl. Water flows from the cistern through holes in the rim so it washes the bowl as well as flushing the contents away.

How a vacuum toilet works simplified.

flush toilet how it works

This content is not compatible on this device. Outlet pipe allows waste gases to escape. Related " ". As the water leaves the tank and enters the bowl, it fills the toilet bowl and the siphon effect occurs, resulting in removal of water and waste.

Kristoffersen, Boeing. When the float reaches the correct level, the ball valve switches off the water supply and the toilet is ready to flush again.

How Toilets Work