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With analogies to Islamic State, radicalisation and foreign policy strategy, tonight proved to be a serious discussion of the biggest news story in the world without once mentioning IS. You see what he did there? Well, I never.

dr who zygons isis pharmaceuticals

So if this series promises to investigate further the real reason the Doctor ran away from Gallifrey thanks, Davros , then what could link all these hybrids he keeps coming across, and the monstrosity of dark legend? Doctor Who: As the Doctor observes, most of the Zygons are peaceful and this is just a splinter group - much like IS is a breakaway faction of a peaceful religion.

That saw the shape shifters hatch a plot underneath Loch Ness, giving Tom Baker the chance to ham it up in tartan. Jaye Griffiths is now installed as scientist Jac, and now we also have Rebecca Front, reunited with The Thick of It co-star Capaldi as brusque commando Walsh, attempting to restore order over the Zygon omnishambles. When news broke that Ingrid Oliver was back as the Unit favourite in a Zygon story, the obvious assumption was that this was a Zygon replica, or otherwise, that it had been the Zygon replica offed by Missy.

But over its 52 years, Doctor Who has not been afraid to feature political messages—sometimes very overtly.

dr who zygons isis pharmaceuticals

Loading comments… Trouble loading? The lovely Osgood, who despite her death last year, is still running round, gleefully cosplaying, blissfully at ease with her lack of a first name. Who knew the simple act of trying your hair in a ponytail could look so malevolent? Aside from it being outstandingly performed by Peter Capaldi, it resonated for one particular reason: Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

Invasion is perhaps the most obvious of the two to a wider audience as it dealt with the idea of housing 20 million Zygons, in disguise as ordinary humans, across the United Kingdom include a rogue group who want the freedom to live as their usual alien selves. Most popular. Their two very different schools of thought that are pitted against each other.

Writer Peter Harness should be very proud of this episode, the story is so on point with such depth and nuance to it.

dr who zygons isis pharmaceuticals

At the time, this barely made ripples, but a 2010 story in the British newspaper The Sunday Times about the connection—featuring a quote from Sylvester McCoy describing Mrs. This two-parter starring the shapeshifting Zygons aired over the period of the last two weeks, and each part dealt with different mediations on hot button topics with, quite frankly, all the subtle of a Zygon-shaped brick through the window.

dr who zygons isis pharmaceuticals

But getting back to the episode at hand, tonight Doctor Who did something that any piece of science fiction and fantasy worth its mettle should do: Kinja is in read-only mode. Not every Third Doctor story was stuck on Earth, though.

Doctor Who, The Zygon Invasion TV review: The Time Lord tackles ISIS brilliantly

Reuse this content. We knew that Jenna Coleman was going to be departing but the rug appears to have been well and truly yanked from underneath our feet, leaving us squarely on our behinds.

Aside from being set inside 10 Downing Street, the home of the UK Prime Minister, the two-part story infamously features a moment where an alien Slitheen disguised as the Prime Minister demands access to nuclear launch codes in order to combat a supposed alien invasion force.

dr who zygons isis pharmaceuticals