Dr who love and monsters ursula

What Ever Happened To… Ursula Blake?

All Episodes 189. Watch now. She was then absorbed by Kennedy, with her face appearing on Kennedy's body.

dr who love and monsters ursula

She took several photos that included the Tenth Doctor , but she thought he was just "some bloke"; she didn't realise the significance until Mr Skinner told her. Don't take it so seriously, it was a totally played for laughs, self-mocking episode.

Name required. Ursula Blake Simon Greenall... Official Sites.

Love & Monsters

It would perhaps have worked better on Family Guy.... Naughty Natali February 5, 2017 at 5: Parents Guide. They even have a bit of a love life. Cookie Policy.

There's not many comments on here so i wonder if mine will even get approved, i doubt it, but i hope at the very least you the author read this and view the episode again with new eyes, this episode was not an insult to fans it was a compliment.

Ursula Blake

She lived out her life with Elton in this state and, despite certain difficulties, the two were quite happy together. Any comments with either vulgar words or that are bigoted in any way towards anyone based on sex, race, religion, or any other protected category will not be published.

dr who love and monsters ursula

This site uses cookies. That March , the group was taken over by Victor Kennedy for his own purposes. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.

dr who love and monsters ursula

Company Credits. A dose of reality added to the doctor who universe yes its a sci-fi adventure an fun but if this was real life how would it play out for the people left behind.

dr who love and monsters ursula

Ursula was in Trafalgar Square celebrating being alive with several other people after the destruction of the Sycorax spaceship. A run in with the Doctor at a young age leads Elton to a group who's studying him, they become friends and have a laugh until Victor Kennedy arrives. Sound Mix: