Defiance how to claim arkfall rewards

Mail from Trion in top banner.

Defiance: Arkfall Codes

March 31, 2013: Hidden in EGO Calculator. Scavenger Ego Perk. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Best is to copy and paste from the table below. Defeat the Warmaster before he vanishes to earn some of the best loot in Defiance!

defiance how to claim arkfall rewards

Due to excessive vandalism, this page is now protected and editing is disabled. That's the number of items currently in your claim section. Each code can be redeemed once per account.

defiance how to claim arkfall rewards

Those items are bound to a specific character and will not appear in the claim section of another character. All of these items will go into your claim section as soon as either your inventory is full or the stack of the consumables you carry is full. The Rift reward appears as a gift, so it is in your inventory not library.

defiance how to claim arkfall rewards

Plus One Pistol Skill. No way I had the patience to wait for that.

defiance how to claim arkfall rewards

Log in Create account Log in. Wreckage from the Votan ships that exploded in space periodically falls to Earth. Content What is the claims section?

Defiance 2050 How to get Arkspikes and Warmaster

Destructoid Article. I didn't realize there was a curve to weapons level experience. It's not the weapons EGO level, it was theirs.

Claims Section

You can get to your inventory by clicking on the letter icon by your Steam account name at the top right corner of the Steam client, or clicking on your user name. This little text appears as soon as you have some sort of overflow in your inventory. Official Source for Arkfall Code Discussion http: Another code was found by looking at the source code of the official site.

defiance how to claim arkfall rewards