Breast cancer stamps how much

Visit this link for information about submitting suggestions for the semipostal stamps.

breast cancer stamps how much

Issue Date: The image reflects the same position that a woman assumes for a breast self-exam and mammography. Customers Also Bought: Additional information: Mail Security Center. Dear Reader, Snopes. What a statement it would make that we care.

As with many survivors of cancer, Robin said her experience was a transforming one, giving her a new appreciation of life and helping her realize the potential she had within herself.

Semipostal Stamp Program

Also, new knowledge of the immune system led to the development of several promising breast cancer treatment vaccines that are currently under clinical evaluation. Semipostal Stamp Program.

breast cancer stamps how much

This unforgettable night includes a live cooking show, featuring local celebrity chefs, restaurant samples and shopping from a variety of local stores. Orders received Monday - Friday before 3: She wanted a design that brought awareness to the importance of breast cancer research while offering a positive and uplifting image.

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#B1 – 1998 32c & 8c Breast Cancer Awareness

Exp, Free Est. Home B1. In 1997, Congress authorized it for the specific purpose of raising funds from the American public to assist in finding a cure for breast cancer. Simply e-mail this page http: Stamps in the Set: Two additional fundraising stamps are available through the U.

breast cancer stamps how much

This is one e-mail you should be glad to pass on. E-mail your friends to do the same. The amount the Postal Service contributes to breast cancer research is determined by the difference between the 65-cent purchase price and the First-Class Mail rate in effect at the time of purchase, minus any costs incurred by USPS.