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By Akash Bhardwaj 23 Nov 2017. This unit will do everything you need to do and best of all, if some little Nerd half inches it it wont break the bank or your heart Read full review... Atom RSS. So dont waste your money folks, unless of course you are one of those people that cant stand being seen without the upmarket device.

Given the still too high prices of other models and makes, this is a real 'no brainer'. Having lost my original TomTom to some light fingered chap I decided to take the plunge and replace it.

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Not sure if you should go for folio or leather? It's inexpensive, it navigates without a hitch and it even has a few advanced features, such as 3-D perspective, lane guidance and lifetime map updates.

Now I dont use the sat nav anywhere near as much as I used to so no point in going for anoth er top of the range one. I can't rate its reliability yet but I assume it will be quite adequate. The free lifetime maps makes it a bargain.

Follow British GQ on Twitter: Built-in SIM card with unlimited data for traffic reports or overseas use. Lifetime map updates? Welcome to British GQ.

Binatone explains that a 'lifetime' is the time they offer suppo rt for the product. By Jim Chapman.

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ProSound DB8500 by Syrius. This feels like a product from the pre-smartphone era. Liquid dishwashing detergent Col8356. It's a sha me, this one fault spoils it for me.

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The gentleman's guide to touring on a superbike. Just,give it a moment,on startup. By Jim Chapman 31 Oct 2018 4 items.