Zoom vs flash who wins american

The Flash is probably going to bring back Zoom, but in a very different form

But the fact that Jay truly seems to care about Caitlin in some way makes him infinitely more interesting to me than if he were just a mindless sociopath. But Barry was never able to catch Eobard when he was running excluding his past self so we've never seen Reverse-Flash at top speed.

zoom vs flash who wins american

Well until they fix him, he's not Hunter Zolomon anymore. We still love you, tho.

Who is faster: Reverse Flash or Zoom?

So question summed up: Put the goals of the two against one another and you'll instantly find massive differences. Eobard merely used the tachyons to push past Barry's speed, as before he was running on fumes due to the Speed Force stripping him of his speed. After almost a season of keeping the man behind that frightening mask a mystery, the show went all out to explain what made little Hunter Zolomon become Zoom. That was what the Speed Force was telling him.

It might be best to consider this from before he stole the speed-force from Barry. The tachyon prototype is a machine attached to a speedster, while with Zoom it's a part of his physiology. This episode put a lot of early voiceover work into creating a parallel between Hunter and Barry.

‘The Flash’ Recap: “Versus Zoom” – Family Matters

Feel free to edit the list below. Ever heard of loss of identity? He's just a zombie speedster puppet for the Speed Force.

zoom vs flash who wins american

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zoom vs flash who wins american

I don't really know, since Zoom has used V-9. Winning is winning. Once Barry learned more tricks, he was able to even the playing field.