Yaegaki sake how to drink

Usually, though, it should either be served cold—like, right out of the fridge—or barely warmed.

yaegaki sake how to drink

Sake Highball 2 oz. It is important to note that it is a potent alcohol and you need to be sure you can consume and hold your drink.

yaegaki sake how to drink

Warming suited it much better back then. Brewing technology and the availability of new strains of sake rice and the equipment to properly handle it and new pure yeast strains led to sake with bold and lively taste and fragrance profiles. Filed to: Masu is a small box that is used to measure rice.

Much more delicate and fragile sake also came about, with fruit and flowery essences all of a sudden becoming part of the equation. Share Tweet.


This is especially true of sweet sake, that you may enjoy consuming quickly. Share This Story. For special occasions and rituals, the drink is poured into cups that are saucer-like.

They want to smoke everything, for example.

yaegaki sake how to drink

Those folks will also help usher you into the wonderful world of sake. ABV 14.

yaegaki sake how to drink

They may even be served at the highest serving temperature at about 55-60 degrees Celsius, without much of a detrimental effect on flavour. Kinja is in read-only mode. Junmaishu pure rice sake can be warmed to about 45 degrees Celsius, while junmai ginjoshu may be enjoyed at a lukewarm level of about 40 degrees Celsius. When opting for a bottle of sake, it is imperative to pay attention to the details mentioned on the label.

Sake: Hot or Cold

What does the bottle design represent? Korean, not Japanese.

yaegaki sake how to drink

It goes great with fish, vegetables, chicken, and sweeter ones go great with fruits and dessert. But never too hot! Nowadays, a lot of the larger liquor stores in your area will carry sake, but you can also order online from plenty of places, like Sake Social or True Sake.

But sake is like wine in that there are countless varieties spanning a full flavor spectrum: On cold winter evenings you may prefer hot sake and on hot humid days chilled sake would be enjoyable.

How To Drink Sake

Where is Sake being Consumed? If you'd like your order to be picked up by someone else, please call us and let us know who will be picking up after you have placed your order. For the novice sake drinker, it is important to try many different types of sake until you can decide on the type that you favor most.