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IMHO old school had us tipping as an inclusion of the steer stem movement and with evolution and time, and due to the less pronounced "steer" required to change direction on a modern "carve ski" "tipping" has become less pronounced as it does not necessarily require any "steer".

Any Harold Harb devotees still alive ? or has it died like "natural golf" did ?

Mine don't appear that way in this image but the ski bases are possibly a bit different..... The biggest issue most folks have though is simply HHs attitude to everyone else in the skiing world. It's a terrible addiction. We proudly support: People that have paid a serious price in cash and time are motivated students. Thanks for the advice. Either way the emphasis is on efficiency and mobility.

I can still ski the mid width ski on a groomed surface just fine. I ditched my barons, sounds like it'll work for you. My official learning was undertaken during a period of rapid major ski changes. Stance width is hard to pin down. Dec 6, 2006 at 9: I'll ski it more once I can perfect edging up on my skis on more moderate terrain. Or more importantly, is there really a differance?

The silerettas did release for me though, so no issues breaking my ankles. No, create an account now. The screws could probably be securely mounted on skis as narrow as 2. Huge choice of 75mm. I was pretty proficient at that and stopped right about the time shape skis were becoming the norm I was still on 'straight' skis.

Telemark is often thought of as equipment. If you are simply replacing snowshoes with the hope of sliding downhill occasionally, the Metas are fine. I also have a set of waxable metal edged skis with a lot of sidecut and the heavy 3 pin binding. So in order not to be a complete selfish jerk I've limited myself to a few days a year of local resort skiing and the rest of my time is doing stuff together, mainly that has been snowshoeing.

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I have had no problem over any of those terrains, but obviously on the groomed trails, I can't keep up with someone on a touring or skate ski. Read it again. Therefore, it has a very low release value on its own, effectively increasing the existing lateral release value of the Meidjo by only one.

I tend to have a look and see what is happening with the skier, where they are lacking and where they would like to progress to and how much effort they may be willing to put in and go from their. Resort skiing on dynafits I'm wondering how many people are skiing the resort regularly on dynafit or other tech bindings. I'll keep my eyes peeled in CL and on eBay.