Whois jpnic jprs recovery

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whois jpnic jprs recovery

Poor or insufficient infrastructure, whether within or beyond the control of the registry, may cause a temporary failure for a registry. All Rights Reserved. DLA Piper. Many of these providers maintain backend registry operations for several TLDs.

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Rate this page Did this page help you to achieve your goal? Registry data escrow helps to ensure continuity of service for registrants in the event of a registry failure.

whois jpnic jprs recovery

JP 60. The Constituency created a Registry Failure Task Force to research and develop procedures in the event of registry failure. The Company shall not warrant the perfectibility, accuracy, applicability, and availability of any information, service, software, and hardware provided by the Company.

JP Domain name registration rules Japanese only 2002.

JP Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

Call for confirmation about AS numbers without active contacts Japanese only. Notice of Implementation of Documents Japanese only.

Briefing session about using X.

whois jpnic jprs recovery

This report is being prepared as part of the registry failover project to provide guidance to ICANN and the Internet community in the event of a registry failure. An amount of money that the User pays the Company shall be registered as Deposit "Deposit" on the balance sheet in the Company's database.

The decision was based on an overall evaluation, which took into account a range of factors including operational organization, security measures and cost, and, in early March 2004, after prolonged deliberation, one of the applicants was finally selected as a candidate for escrow agent. Do you have a questions about the JP domain?

Building Towards a Comprehensive gTLD Registry Failover Plan

Rate this page Did this page help you to achieve your goal? The Company, in our sole discretion, reserve the right to deny, cancel, suspend, transfer or modify any domain name registration to correct a mistake, protect the integrity and stability of the company and any applicable registry, to comply with any applicable laws, government rules, or requirements, requests of law enforcement, in compliance with any dispute resolution process, or to avoid any liability, civil or criminal.

There was no disruption during the transfer to registrants or registrars. Free access.


INFO and. User registration shall only be processed in the manner, with the registration information and documents that the Company officially specifies or requires, and this process shall be referred by the Company before completion.

The Company shall administer Personal Information provided by domain registrants in accordance with the privacy policy set forth on the Company's website.