Who won the street fighter 2 tournament

Guile facing off, the participants would be ordered, with Ryu vs. Meanwhile, Cammy is a fugitive from the law for refusing to turn her twin sister Decapre in to the authorities.

who won the street fighter 2 tournament

Bison, ruler of the Shadaloo criminal syndicate. He puts together a new tournament in hopes of recording the abilities of all the best fighters — especially Ryu — so he can copy their abilities and become powerful enough to rule the world.

The names of three of the Grand Masters were switched around for the American market: But this is not the case here.

who won the street fighter 2 tournament

A possible solution to the theory that Guile is the winner Now, many people might say that not every ending has to happen exactly as shown in the game with every little detail intact.

By finally conquering his inner darkness, Ryu not only cleanses himself of evil, but destroys Necalli.

World Fighting Championship

Still, his jealous brother Urien is far more insidious. What do you think? They will always tell you: Urien is defenitly powerful, however it's hard to gauge how powerful exactly, though I'd imagine he'd be close to Gill or a level under him. Then he kills the guy and fight who really interests him. Jan 30, 2007 - 8: And if the caption mentions the winner by name, then you can take this information at face value. If you defeat Bison, you win the game. It is correct that some of the artworks in the book present a scene in which it is assumed that the fighter that the image is about has won the tournament.

Why just some obscure reference? As you see, the game itself gives you no hint about who won the tournament.

The winner of the “Street Fighter II” tournament

Juri sets up a fight between Seth and Bipson, but gets impatient and kills 15 herself, technically deeming her the winner. I think the SF2 torney got canceled cause Akuma jumped in and killed Bison before the final round, not sure.

who won the street fighter 2 tournament

Where is my stun Capcom... The plan is to make Ryu a suitable host body for M.

who won the street fighter 2 tournament

Just look at a bunch of artworks for the various iterations of the game. After all, can you imagine that the artist would have ever used the following caption?

Street Fighter: Timeline and Story Explained

Sagat only wants pure fights. Regardless, Balrog abducts him, feeling that he's probably worth a lot of money to Bison. Yeah, trying to align the game with the artwork is not really possible.

Along with Falke, Ed founds Neo Shadaloo, which appears to be more about liberating Shadaloo experiments than straight-up megalomania. Which is simply not true.