Who played lucy moderatz

But While You Were Sleeping was a major turning point for her.

who played lucy moderatz

After a while, some moviegoers may feel they've joined him. Susan Stremple. Monica Keena Mary. Lucy desperately wants to see the world and have someone to share it with.

who played lucy moderatz

Yes No Share this Share this: After Lucy confesses at the altar that she's a liar and loves Jack, the family still loves her anyway.

But Lucy takes it to a whole other delusional level by hoping to marry Peter Callahan — a man she has never even spoken to.

Pierce Brosnan was considered for the role of Jack.

7 'While You Were Sleeping' Things You Didn't Know About The Rom-Com Starring Sandra Bullock

Dec 14, 2016. And so does Jack. Hawaii Five-0 5. It's shown the morning after Lucy spends the night at the Callahans. Co-Producer 2 Credits Charles J. In the movie, Bullock plays Lucy Moderatz, a CTA ticket agent who falls in love with one of her customers Peter Gallagher, playing a character called Peter Callaghan , saves him after he's mugged and is later pulled into his life when his family mistakenly assumes she's his fiance.

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While You Were Sleeping likes to justify Lucy's lies and weird attachment to the Callahan family by showing that she's so lonely. Fortunately for Bullock, she turned down the role.

who played lucy moderatz

The Curse of Oak Island 2. A love story built on a misunderstanding.

who played lucy moderatz

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