Who made the famous amos cookies

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who made the famous amos cookies

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He had no money to advertise, so he became the new company's showman, passing cookies out on the streets, delivering them to friends, and taking them everywhere he went. Mr Amos poses with his 'Famous' cookies at a Tallahassee, Florida, luncheon back in 1983.

Keebler, a unit of Flowers Industries, which had inherited the reformulated cookies, agreed to meet Mr.

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The company ran into financial trouble and Mr Amos eventually lost ownership. Amos a two-year contract to promote his old brand.

who made the famous amos cookies

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who made the famous amos cookies

And Keebler was willing to let him use his name for his own business. Mr Amos has reinvented himself more than a half-dozen times since losing ownership of the Famous Amos company, along with use of his moniker and image, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported.

Famous Amos founder reinvents himself again with new brand The Cookie Kahuna

Kerry Katona leaves fans in hysterics as she gets drunk and rambles on about her three failed marriages while trying to chat up men He's a slam dunk! In 1992, he started producing high-priced hazelnut cookies under the name Wally Amos Presents.

who made the famous amos cookies

Air Force, Amos returned to New York in 1957. Air Force in 1953. Company celebrates twenty-five years in business. As Amos celebrated the book's success, his business was losing money.

Famous Amos and Keebler are purchased by Kellogg Company.

Wally Amos

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who made the famous amos cookies

However, in 1985, mismanagement forced Amos to gradually sell off parts of his company. Although Wally Amos was introduced to chocolate chip cookies by his Aunt Delia and her old-fashioned recipe, when Amos started his own business he used a recipe by Ruth Wakefield, who is credited with inventing chocolate chip cookies at her Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts, in the 1930s.