Where is vehicle emission control label

General Motors Corp. Also, state the FEL that applies for the fuel tank if it is different than the otherwise applicable standard. No claim to original U. A sample of the identification must be submitted in the application for certification.

Manufacturers must provide instructions to the ultimate purchaser to affix the label in such a manner that it cannot be removed without destroying or defacing the label, and shall not be affixed to any part that is likely to be replaced during the vehicle's useful life.

You may omit this information from the label if there is not enough room for it and you put it in the owners manual instead. C Additional Label Requirements: The ARB recognizes that certain emissions-related parts must be properly identified and maintained in order for certified engine packages to comply with the applicable emissions standards. An official website of the United States government.

where is vehicle emission control label

Authority cited: The identification must be readily visible and readable i. Protection of Environment Chapter I.

40 CFR ยง 1051.135 - How must I label and identify the vehicles I produce?

The applicable section in each of the above cited exhaust emission standards and test procedures is part 1, subpart C, section 3, which incorporates by reference and amends 40 CFR 86.

A The manufacturer must provide a label with each certified engine package to the ultimate purchaser to be affixed to a fully assembled vehicle. From model year 1970 on, passenger cars and light duty trucks are equipped with a vehicle emission control information label, affixed to the engine or the engine compartment. Installation of label other than the one which is intended for the vehicle is in violation of federal and state laws, which may result in severe fines and penalties being imposed.

where is vehicle emission control label

Every class of motor vehicle introduced into commerce in the United States must have a Certificate of Conformity. If a modification to the vehicle emission control system has been authorized by the vehicle manufacturer, an Emission Control Modification Label should be affixed to the engine compartment noting this change. The purpose of this section is to require manufacturers to provide a label to the ultimate purchaser that provides vehicle owners and service mechanics with information needed to properly maintain certified engine packages.

No thank you. It should also be noted that California law states that no person other than the manufacturer, or person authorized by the manufacturer, shall install a vehicle emission control label on any motor vehicle.

Locating the Vehicle Emissions Label

The number has 11 characters using both numbers and letters. The label must be. A Certificate of Conformity and Certificate Summary Information or summary sheet data will contain the emission standards the motor vehicle was certified to. CFR prev next. California BAR Bureau Of Automotive Repair and other state emission control inspection and maintenance laws may require an additional certification label to be affixed to the vehicle.

where is vehicle emission control label

You may omit this from the emission control information label if the vehicle is permanently labeled with a unique model name that corresponds to a specific displacement. Emission Standards and Related Requirements Section 1051. How must I label and identify the vehicles I produce?