Where is preferences in photoshop cc

Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual, 2nd Edition by Lesa Snider

Also, avoid using USB2-based drives, as they tend to be sluggish and can actually make Photoshop run slower USB3-based drives work just fine. Preferences Search. Using the keyboard shortcut, preference files for custom shortcuts, workspaces, and color settings will also be reset to default.

where is preferences in photoshop cc

You can squeeze a little more performance out of slower computers by setting the three Border drop-down menus to None. Detailed information about specific preference settings appears in task-specific topics.

You can reassign shortcuts, add new ones, and show or hide menu options.

where is preferences in photoshop cc

You'll be asked if you're sure you want to reset the preferences when you quit Photoshop. If you suddenly need to access a hidden menu item, choose Show All Menu Items from the very bottom of the affected menu.

To have Photoshop save your file more often than every 10 minutes, pick another duration from the Automatically Save Recovery Information Every menu your choices are 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes, or 1 hour.

where is preferences in photoshop cc

Find the preference file that you want to reset and move it to another location. Photoshop includes two types of cursors: See Preference file functions, names, and locations.

This is lesson 8 of 8 in Chapter 1 - Getting Started with Photoshop. In Photoshop CC, Adobe has added a new option for resetting the preferences. The cache tile size is the amount of info Photoshop can store and process at one time for example, larger tile sizes can speed things up if you work with documents with really large pixel dimensions. All rights reserved.

How to Set General Preferences in Photoshop CS6

For information on a specific preference option, search Help. By doing so, you can give Adobe feedback that may help shape the final version of that particular feature.

First, quit Photoshop. Note The Adobe Drive option lets you connect to a digital asset management program also called a DAM in order to organize, track, and store files in a central location that other folks can access so they can work on those files, too. Better yet, spend the extra money for a solid state drive SSD , which has no moving parts and uses an electronic system to read and write data, making it much faster than its spinning cousins.

where is preferences in photoshop cc

Tooltips work on preference settings, too! In the resulting Save dialog box, give the list of shortcuts a name, choose where to save it, and then click Save.


Click the Menus tab near the top of the dialog box and then, from the Menu For drop-down menu, choose Application Menus or Panel Menus, depending on which ones you want to tweak.

You are prompted to delete the current settings. From left to right, your options are preferences, workspaces a recent addition , actions, brushes, swatches, styles, gradients, custom shapes, tool presets, patterns, and contours.

There's general display and interface settings, tool settings, file handling and saving options, type settings, scratch disk settings, plugin options, and more.

How To Reset Photoshop Preferences

To change this color, click the color swatch, choose a new hue from the Color Picker dialog box, and then click OK. Chances are, the problem is that your Photoshop Preferences file has become corrupted.

Adobe Photoshop CC: How To Reset To Its Default Settings EASILY! - Tutorial #24

The most common cause of sudden performance issues with Photoshop is a corrupted Preferences file.