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Alsafadi, A. Comparison of cellular function of hepatocytes prepared by the two-step perfusion of the liver originally described by Seglen 1973 and those isolated using ethyl-enediamine tetraacetic acid EDTA followed by Percoll density gradient centrifugation Meredith, 1988 showed that cells prepared by the latter method have a higher glutathionine content and a more constant level of P-450 and y -cystathionase Meredith, 1988.

Roduit and P. Schipke, C. Thus, use of the terms "line" and "strain" as defined by Hayflick and Moorhead 1961 became entrenched. Publikationen Juni 2018. Under appropriate conditions these should give a reliable index of the properties of medium and serum used Hay, 1985. Thomas, R. Subsequent subcloning then yields a "substrain" of the original strain.

Toren, D. Often, cells can be maintained under more defined culture conditions than primary cultures. Hasenpusch, W. Rossing, K. Knudsen; Surfactant dysfunction and alveolar collapse are linked with fibrotic septal wall remodeling in the TGF-beta1-induced mouse model of pulmonary fibrosis; Lab Invest; Jan 30 2019; doi: For example, after a little practice, it is easy to produce 15-20 good quality slices from rodent liver per minute by using the Krumdieck tissue slicer Krumdieck et al, 1980.

Bauersachs, A. Conti, G.

It is important to note that morphological changes such as blebbing indicative of cell membrane and cytoskeletal disturbance often precede changes detectable by these biochemical assays. Lam, D. Cunningham, C. Thomas, F. Maier, A. Certain minimal requirements, depending on cell type, must be satisfied before cells will multiply in culture. Since in vitro toxicology is in its early stage of development, we must have a strategy that will allow us to learn from both our successes and our failures.

Our objective should be to achieve some or all of the above goals by including in vitro tests to the process of test agent evaluation, and thus reduce the number of animals required for the testing program.

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Direct data on this issue are still rather limited. Linz, W. Couch, A. Vachon, E.