What would cause dilantin levels to drop

what would cause dilantin levels to drop

Welcome loveslight57 I have never had that problem but I do know that generic Dilantin can cause problems. Enriched wheat foods, such as pasta, whole wheat bread and cereals are also foods to be avoided while taking Dilantin, as they also contain folates that interfere with Dilantin absorption.

Have people been punished for causing accidents even after having doctor approval to drive? Thread Tools. Bernard Your Host Recent Blog: Other than that; it had been so good to me, I'd go back in a heartbeat!

What is Dilantin Toxicity, Know its Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Let me know what you think. Oct 2004 Posts: I dont know what kind... I had the warning in my hand and read it to him word for word.

I even had to buy a cane! In Canada they say theraputic levels are between 40-60 and mine are at 16 right now.

what would cause dilantin levels to drop

Long term effects of dilantin. I accidently took too much Tegretol...

what would cause dilantin levels to drop

Dairy Foods. So I did and he gave me. You are only reading it to make yourself aware "just in case" symptoms show up.

what would cause dilantin levels to drop

Over the last week I have been having a difficult time waking up hitting snooze buttons on several alarm clocks for at least an hour and my mind has been rather fuzzy. His level was at 8, which was low but they still said okay, that was a year ago. Daily news summary.

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