What size is a dinner plate

We all lined up with our plates for our turn to serve ourselves from the cartons. Top 10 events happening in February Our favorite events happening in New Hampshire this February, including: Here's why you should join a CSA and here's a list of...

One slice of bread, which had to be balanced on the side of the plate, seemed to be enough for the meal.

What size are your dinner plates?

Contact her at wethomas gmail. I decided to move our entire family over to 9-inch plates.

what size is a dinner plate

With less room on the plate, even if they filled it up, they were still eating less than with a larger plate. I used these plates with my family for a month. Check out her blog Lessons Learned from the Flock, at http: Then it hit me; our dinner plates were huge. Everything with regard to food in the United States has gotten larger.

They simple pile the food on a segmented tray.

what size is a dinner plate

Any sense of quantity feedback gets lost. If my sons had known about 9-inch plates when they went to college, they might not have put on so much weight.

What Is the Standard Size of a Dinner Plate?

Most Popular Articles Inexpensive things to do during February school vacation Fill winter's last school vacation week with free and budget-friendly fun CSAs in New Hampshire Love the idea of local produce and goods? I had to go back to the drawing board to try to figure out a way to teach my kids better eating habits. Our transition to using the smaller plates was completed within a matter of weeks, after which no one complained or even noticed the plates any more for that matter.

My son ate the food on his plate and then made a show about getting up for more food. Which local museums to explore this winter Escape the cold and get cultured at these kid-friendly New England museums Throw a Super Bowl party your neighbors will be talking about Whether the Patriots are in it or not, it is one of the biggest party days of the year.

I saw this in action when my sons left for college.

what size is a dinner plate

The result of this life change was clearly demonstrated a few months later when as a treat we decided to get take-out Chinese food for the kids. Merrimack's Winter... If my other children know about using 9-inch plates as a diet and health tool, perhaps they can avoid being overweight as adults. I was pleased that my family had learned to eat well, but when I looked at their plates, sometimes heaped and overflowing with food, I knew a piece to the healthy eating puzzle was missing.

Plate Size and Overeating

I assured him that that was OK. You matched up the graphics to what you were eating and voila, you had yourself a balanced meal. The intent of these eating tools was to teach you how to balance your meal. The average American dinner plate is 12 inches across, which is up from the standard 9-inch plates that were used in the 1950s.