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Elegance and Decadence: the Age of the Regency, BBC Four, review

This was reflected nowhere more than in the corpulent person of the Prince Regent himself who, for all his faults comprising most of the deadly sins, but principally lust and gluttony was a snappy dresser, had a rare gift for spotting a talented architect, and a sharp eye for a masterpiece. Thanks for subscribing! Its Honeycreeper birds were an obvious highlight. TV and Radio. The Door in the Pillow Frank Cottrell-Boyce, award-winning screenwriter and novelist, tells a very personal story.

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Frank Cottrell-Boyce, award-winning screenwriter and novelist, tells a very personal story. In-depth reporting and analysis from a global perspective. Washington has suspended most security assistance to Pakistan - we look at the increasingly dysfunctional relationship between Pakistan and the United States. Account blocked Your account has been blocked for contravening the community guidelines. Great fun, never more so than when Jem Stansfield explores the science behind Brunel's atmospheric railway, which used air pressure to give power for propulsion.

Reuse content. BBC Four was bolstering its reputation as an oasis of intelligent programming with the final part of Elegance and Decadence: Or, if it has done, it has served merely to strengthen the strong and weaken the weak. Register Already registered?

As a TV critic-turned-writer, I’ve decided not to take the bad reviews with the good

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