What is harm reduction theory

Our proposed set of principles emphasizes shared decision-making between the provider and patient, which has been shown to improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes, and costs of care. The main areas of focus are the reduction of harm associated with alcohol and opioid addiction, the prevention of overdose deaths, and the reduction of disease transmission.

what is harm reduction theory

In consultation with harm reduction experts, which included individuals leading national harm reduction efforts as well as those with decades of experience providing harm reduction-informed health care, we then refined each of the principles by discussing disagreements until reconciliation was reached.

Patients often expressed a sense of amazement when positive behaviors were celebrated, sometimes in very simple and concrete ways as described in the following patient quote: Approaches such as these are cost-effective, evidence-based and have a positive impact on individual and community health.

When it comes to drinking, harm reduction can mean reducing alcohol intake or practicing healthier habits when drinking. Behaviors that contribute to negative health outcomes were seen as providing some benefit to patients or these behaviors would not have occurred and sustained.

what is harm reduction theory

Understanding AOD use in society. Testing for HIV and hepatitis C. Syringe sharing and HIV incidence among injection drug users and increased access to sterile syringes.

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Harm Reduction in Substance Use

They will ask me, do I want to come to a meeting, do I want to do this, do I want to do that, what is a good time for me to come? Widening the harm reduction agenda: Should I have concerns about harm reduction? You have been appointed to lead the taskforce in tackling the Mafu issue. Staff members were informed of the study, invited to participate, and assured of confidentiality during a monthly staff meeting.

what is harm reduction theory

This paper is one of the firsts to provide a comprehensive set of principles for universal harm reduction as a conceptual approach for healthcare provision. Drug Treatment Alcohol Treatment. How can you try and overcome some of those obstacles?

What is harm reduction?

Safe injection facilities do not encourage drug use—they provide a connection between the most vulnerable drug users and treatment services, such as detox. Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment.

what is harm reduction theory

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