What is compound 40-8080

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If you are having trouble downloading a part file, please visit 3D Content Central. A profile miter cut is used to make custom supports of angles between 15 and 90 degrees. The 40-8080 profile is compatible with 40 series fasteners and has a center cavity that can be pressurized up to 1. Sputtering is a widely used technology in which TSMC has deep expertise through its 25 years of semiconductor manufacturing experience.

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Add to Wishlist. This enables the insertion of a bolt to mount end fasteners and accessories. There are a wide variety of sizes and depths available. Downloads TSMC. All About Mitercuts. It enables the screw to be tightened. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. There are no videos for this product.

Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A counterbore allows an anchor fastener face to be flush with the profile surface and is required when using an anchor fastener for a profile connection. A variety of semiconductor materials are used to make thin-film modules — those in commercial production include: