What is an out chart dart

Beware T16 will bust.

what is an out chart dart

Recommended only if you are not under pressure. For instance, if you have 50 left with your last dart you can either choose to go for the bull's eye or to play "for percentage" and hit a single 18.

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March 9, 2007 - Here are a couple of posters to put up near your board - poster 1 and poster 2. That's the good news. Therefore I prefer the percentage options, but of course only if I have enough time! T20 - D15 means: This range is very interesting. The out chart I have designed is quite large and includes a lot of options.

Peg Double Out Dart Chart

With 3 darts, S5 or S1 will stop you. The reason is that there are many numbers that have more than one useful way to play them. Many good players like to play it that way 'cause it leads either directly to D8 or to D16. Lots of good options. T16-D16 is popular but if you hit a single you're left with 64.

Avoid S19-D19. Being above 70 means that you lose the "hail mary" throw at the DB.

what is an out chart dart

If you are calculating a match that is over several legs then the calculation is the same. Just think about it and decide whether you want to go for T17 or bull with your 2nd dart. If you're in this situation AND your opponent is also on a finish, it makes sense to go for an "unconventional" triple in order to leave 60 or less with your last 2 darts.

'01 Out Chart

Many will argue differently but more players are coming to realise the importance of the combination fishes. Try not to leave yourself here.

what is an out chart dart

Safety S9 leaves a 2 dart 54 finish and a safety on S4. Any version of 7 or 3 leaves a 2 dart finish but this will require a Bull finish. The print button will make a BW version of the table below.

what is an out chart dart

If you need to hit an odd number the best place to aim for is the purple area at the bottom. D12 breaks down evenly 3 times D12-D6-D3. For a more advanced dart player, there is the middle game you all should know. I have included it into my "standard outshots", with good success.