What happens when a rabbit doesnt eat

Gastrointestinal Stasis: The Silent Killer

A rabbit can live life just fine with many disabling problems, such as varying degrees of arthritis, loss of an eye, kidney disease…even as an amputee! If your rabbit has any of the symptoms above or if you are unsure in anyway you will need to get them to a vet asap. A bunny can safely receive the contents of half a capsule at the rate described above.

Once this overgrowth occurs, gas emitted by the bacteria can cause extreme pain. This is very common in rabbit owners but it is very important to still carry out regular health checks, as you will feel much worse if your rabbit becomes sick from something you could of easily spotted or prevented happening. Rabbits are often referred to as "guts with fur" because they are so prone to ileus, also known as gastrointestinal stasis.

A gastrotomy—surgical opening of the stomach—may be performed to remove a gastric obstruction, but rabbits who undergo this procedure have an abysmally low survival rate.

General Health Concerns

But do this within reason. Read More. There are many good, rabbit-safe antibiotics, such as Baytril and Bactrim. These help break up hairballs.

what happens when a rabbit doesnt eat

The very presence of the warm liquid also seems to stimulate the muscles of the lower GI tract. Medicine cabinet at home The following items are very helpful to have to hand at home for when your rabbit is not well.

What is rabbit gut stasis and how do I spot it? Symptoms and treatment

Do this often during hot sunny days If you have a house bunny, keep curtains pulled, if the sun hits the window to their room.

Always administer such substances with care so that the bunny does not aspirate inhale any. Water is best, but unsweetened Pedialyte, an electrolyte drink designed for human infants and available in the infant section of the grocery store , may also be used.

what happens when a rabbit doesnt eat

Wrap a towel around them if you need to and wrap it diagonally from the shoulder to the hip. Only put a few drops in water as it is very sugary and can upset the lining of the gut. Kale is a good choice. Both of the aforementioned drugs are safe and effective for rabbits.

Loss of Appetite in Pet Rabbits

Older rabbits, compromised rabbits and those with on-going health issues may need to see their vets more frequently. A flatulent bunny is a happy bunny! More about GI Stasis: Your exotics vet may prescribe gut motility drugs, such as metoclopramide Reglan or cisapride not commonly available along with a pain medication.

what happens when a rabbit doesnt eat

Are they trying to stretch out a lot. Force-feeding is a must if your rabbit isn't eating since food needs to be put in to get waste coming out. Alfalfa hay is too high in calcium for an adult rabbit. Affected bunnies often stop eating and drinking.

what happens when a rabbit doesnt eat

Questran does not affect the action of the intestine; it is not absorbed by the body.