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But focusing on the case at hand, they realize that whoever turned her must have known her, so they set out to talk to everyone she saw that night. Although, I have to say: Show Details type. Together, the three of them head to Wisconsin, where a young boy had his heart ripped out and his sister is now in critical condition.

They got rid of them all. After a mini-hiatus, Supernatural is back with your average case-of-the-week episode, though this one features one familiar face — Claire Novak — and one backseat rider — Mick.

The CW. Jared Padalecki ,. Complete Coverage. Long story short: The next morning, it takes Dean all of a minute to realize that Mick lied. Not all monsters are bad.

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Samantha Highfill. Supernatural S12 E16. You May Like. She was hooking up with an older guy who was ultra possessive. Eager to step out of the office and learn how to defend himself, Mick decides to accompany Sam and Dean on their latest case, even though it seems like a fairly straightforward werewolf hunt.

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Available For Streaming On. Sam, even on his own, spent the entire night reading lore and learning about something called plasma therapy. Signup Now. Putting them in separate suites sounds like it would hurt productivity.