What happened after mlks death

King taught us that in the ongoing black freedom struggle, he was willing to die for a cause he knew was bigger than himself. While working on last month's cover story about email marketing company MailChimp, I noticed that Scoutmob founder Michael Tavani announced that he would stepping back from his day to day role at the company he helped found. While working on the oral history and this book, she also completed a master's thesis at Georgia State University that examined King's "Atlanta Funeral as an Image Event.

The Death of Martin Luther King

He had first come to public attention as an inspiring leader during the Alabama bus boycott which began in 1955, when he was twenty-six. Opinion The Grand Canyon celebrates 100 years as a national park, but 100 more aren't assured.

For many, King's assassination aroused what had been a sometimes muted yet simmering anger fueled by injustice toward black Americans. Like us on Facebook.

After the death of Martin Luther King: chaos or community?

Do you hear me? For many, King had represented the promise of a better life for African-Americans. He died for black freedom and ultimately trying to save the soul of this country. Those conditions included unemployment, a lack of suitable housing and widespread discontentment over policing and schooling. As he wrote in his last book "Chaos or Community", "the cries of Black Power and the riots are not the causes of white resistance, but the consequences of it.

AP Photo. I don't have business cards: But I'm not concerned about that now. Until recently their deaths awoke the conscience of few Americans and brought no change to the racialist structure of the Southern economic and social system.

How MLK's death changed America

Conspiracy theories about the murder have flourished ever since, but at the time the killer was identified as a white minor criminal from Tennessee named James Earl Ray. In Atlanta, tensions were high that similar violence would break out. As King wrote in his last book: Create an Account or login First Name. Meanwhile, riots had exploded in Washington DC and other cities at the news of the assassination as blacks went on the rampage, burning and looting. It only concluded with the election of a new governor in January 1969.

Why People Rioted After Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Assassination

They are no easy ideological pills for Americans to swallow. By the time the book reaches the funeral, the accumulation of intimate details and powerful figures becomes overwhelming and surreal. He ran away to England, but was arrested in London and extradited back to Memphis where, tried in 1969, he pleaded guilty to the murder and was given a ninety-nine year prison sentence.

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