What does the winky face emoji mean

Usually with their friends. Because a guy would never admit to his friends that he has ever sent a heart eyes emoji in his entire life. This is just an example of what a wink can mean. What do all the face emoji mean? So what does that tell you? In fact, they probably don't think twice about sending three hearts in a row to their mom.

If he hasn't said the L-word just yet, but he's constantly sending you heart emojis, just know that his feelings for you are deeper than you could ever imagine.

😉 Winking Face Emoji

You know, those cheesy, over-rehearsed messages like, "Are you Cinderella? We like to call this the "too cool emoji. Save your awwww's for the classy ladies.

what does the winky face emoji mean

But if the guy you're interested in uses this happy-go-lucky emoji, it means he's enjoying the conversation, and he's not afraid to show it! I would say it depends on the context of the message with it. It's worth it to start small, so here's what 10 of the most commonly-encountered face emoji mean:. There are so many emojis that are used to express love or deep attraction, and the heart kiss is one of them. It's a friend smiley, if ever there was one.

what does the winky face emoji mean

This emoji might as well look like the devilish grin emoji because they mean the exact same thing. These are the important questions, friends.

To me a wink means phiet phiew and for a girl to do that is weird. It's the steamier version of the regular kiss, and it used at any stage of your relationship.

What does a winky face mean in texting. Winky face in a text? 2019-01-14

You don't need to read into a smiley face because you've already got all the information you need out of that. Why does the mouth look suspiciously like a beak?

what does the winky face emoji mean

Maybe all these variations on a smiley dude freak you out. This is the type of guy you bring home to your parents. He's essentially trying to hide his true intentions by sending an emoji that's normally associated with all things angelic.

Don't you just love it when you receive this cute emoji? He could send you four devilish grins in a row in response to your latest Snapchat selfie, and you already know what's on his mind. What does a winky face mean in texting Rating: Otherwise, total penis deflation. However, if he sends you more than four heart eyes in a row, it's pretty clear that you're someone special in his life.