What does the obliviate spell do

I think you can. More from Granger'sLocket. Memory Charms were generally intended to erase a specific memory. Join the community. Would that reverse the charm?

Memory Charm

What if a person wanted to remove someone else's memory with an obliviate charm. Mathilda Grimblehawk 's partner. In fact, in Chapter 6, she says the following: First seen when Gilderoy Lockhart attempted to use it on Harry and Ron , this spell, when done correctly, apparently allows a substantial amount of control over the subject's memories.

Say goodbye to your memories!

Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter/Magic/Obliviate

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets , we are introduced to Gilderoy Lockhart , a wizard who has gained fame and glory through his use of the Memory Charm on other, more talented witches and wizards. Gilderoy Lockhart attempting a Memory Charm with a broken wand, which resulted in a backfire that destroyed his own memories instead. Mary Lou Barebone and other No-Majs. Apparently, this spell is most often used to clean up any 'spillage' in front of Muggles.

Harry Potter

Luna Likegood. Like 119. A spell that can erase the memory of someone, partially or completely. When Greyback successfully faked being a Muggle tramp after being hauled into the Ministry of Magic regarding a werewolf attack that resulted in the death of two Muggle children in 1964 , the Ministry wizard escorting him attempted to cast a Memory Charm on the "Muggle tramp" so as to make him forget about the Ministry of Magic. Screenshots will be provided with my comment.

Did hermione really put a memory charm on her parents she says she did but then about 50 pages later tells ron shes never done a memory charm J.

“Obliviate”: The Secrets Behind the Memory Charm

Known as the Ilfracombe Incident , it was the largest casting of the Memory Charm in the twentieth century, after a Common Welsh Green attacked a group of sunbathers in Devon , England in 1932.

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