What does niga mean in chinese

A2 grammar points. I won't go with you guys, OK? I hear 'nigga' a lot too.

what does niga mean in chinese

Other readers who hear Chinese conversations may be in the same situation as me and would have no way to know that post has information on the word. Originally Posted by zeekphreak.

what does niga mean in chinese

Originally Posted by AcrobaticMegalodon. So, it can be used as "umm" even in a context where the literal translation "that one" wouldn't make sense, correct?

The word for "this" is something like "ni ka" which has a soft pronunciation. The people where I work speak very well in both languages, but I don't like to overburden them with translation question as they seem to feel unsure and under pressure when asked. Anybody got any knowledge in mandarin? Email Required, but never shown.

I've taken some very basic Chinese on Coursera. Thank you so much. Related 4. For more information on how to legally use this content, please see our Creative Commons license unless otherwise noted.

She's very pretty, just like, you know, a celebrity. You are talking about the word nigger right?

Retrieved from " https: I'm not coming tomorrow. Originally Posted by Outofmana. Mine is the exact opposite -- I knew the pronunciation but not the word or its definition. The underlying semantic is "speaking of that". Post as a guest Name.

The filler word "neige"

In conversation, you may find yourself at a loss for words, unable to find the correct phrase you are looking for, or simply needing time to gather your thoughts.

Hot Network Questions. Also he might be saying the N word but pronouncing it funny.

what does niga mean in chinese

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To English speakers not fortunate enough to be fluent in Mandarin this may raise an eyebrow because it can sound a bit "racist," but it's very common in Mandarin and you'll hear it quite often around Chinese speakers. Hack-R Hack-R 141 1 1 7.

That's why I searched and found this information.

what does niga mean in chinese