What does crackpot theory meant

The News On 'Nontroversy' Nothing to see here. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Nothing to see here.

what does crackpot theory meant

Therefore, it wouldn't have happened—outside the crackpot fringe. Show More. Crackpot was merely 'the hole where crows gather'. Definition of crackpot. At that time the village was called Crakepot, which derives from the Norse terms 'kraka', a crake or crow and 'pot', a deep hole or pit - neither of which has anything to do with the current 'crazy' meaning of the word.

First recorded in 1860—65; from the phrase cracked pot. If you go about researching the origin of 'crackpot' it won't take long to come up with the village of Crackpot , in Swaledale, Yorkshire.

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The first record that I can find of the term 'crack-pot' with a hyphen at that stage is in a Broadside Ballad, recorded by John S Farmer in 1883:. Words that rhyme with crackpot. Translation of crackpot Nglish: These had to be investigated—every lousy, crackpot one of them.

Related Words for crackpot kook , screwball , oddball , lunatic , maniac , nut , flake , crank , wacko , insane.

Critiques were drawn of the various fashionable conservative notions, which made them seem gimmicky at best, crackpot at worst.

what does crackpot theory meant

Rhyming Dictionary: This name long pre-dates the use of the term 'crackpot' meaning crazed, as it dates from at least the 12th century, before which the region had been taken over by Viking insurgents. Inviting as the idea might be, the Vikings didn't turn up there and decide that the locals were mad and name the place accordingly.

To discover its origins, we need to ignore the Vikings and realise that 'crackpot' is a shortened form of 'cracked-pot', which splits into its constituent parts, cracked and pot. So that crackpot , Graham, had finally come up with something definite.

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what does crackpot theory meant

All synonyms and antonyms for crackpot Spanish Central: Nearby words for crackpot crackle crackleware crackling crackly cracknel crackpot. It relates to godfathers. Comedian ISMO on what separates a boot from a trunk. Other Words from crackpot crackpot adjective.

what does crackpot theory meant