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It is free and quick. Mishawaka, Indiana 6,205 posts, read 8,352,813 times Reputation: Additional giveaways are planned. As for the uneducated, they have been scammed enough to distrust Americans tremendously. The Netherlands 2,942 posts, read 4,216,951 times Reputation: Originally Posted by Natnasci. Detailed information about all U. Originally Posted by ColdAilment As an American born in the midwest, being raised to speak in the generic American accent, I have always had a fascination with other accents across the country and the world.

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Tweets by LechMazur. Originally Posted by Bettafish It's pretty easy to "change accent" to some extent. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. So I've wondered, I know myself and a lot of other Americans like a good British accent, but how do the British feel about American accents? Of all the english speaking countries, I have to say an Australian accent is one I abhor. My advice is to leave your accent home and learn at least enough of the language to be polite and to be able to understand, if not speak, the language.

Originally Posted by cmptrwlt I hate American sport commentators and Hollywood voice-overs.

Standard American accent? Quick Reply. London, UK 9,992 posts, read 9,452,416 times Reputation: Mainly because there are so many different accents across the world based on location, it's interesting. User Name.

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Princess Ping. Page 1 of 22. It's pretty easy to "change accent" to some extent. How do other countries feel about American accents? I personally dislike the American accent. Cancel Changes. I find strong drawls less nice sounding.

I also confess that when I was younger I always thought British people sounded more intelligent when they spoke, their accent accentuated the words more so, making it sound better, similar to how most people perceive southerners as slow because of the way they talk.