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And then of course there are monsters and a chase, and all of these elements are leading in one direction Saxon 3 20: She approaches William Hartnell , an esteemed character actor who, of late, has become frustrated with being typecast as military or gangster figures. As of the 10th of November, there has been a third reference.

space and time doctor who wiki

Dreamland 2009. At the moment, we know Series 4 was 2009, and all the 3rd Series Sarah Jane Adventures are apparently set in 2010, along with Torchwood: Might explain the meltic-looking skull thing and how he can gather electricity.

space and time doctor who wiki

This episode also demonstrates that certain capabilities of the physical TARDIS are operable independently of its intelligence, in particular the physical TARDIS's internal password security system which is language-independent, relying on meanings rather than the words themselves and ability to travel between "bubble universes".

Cancel Save. Found this on virgin media: Further, if RTD suggested her being in white was a clue, could she be an older Ramona---it was already established that she was a member of the Council and she would certainly have opposed Rassilon's mad schemes?

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Children of Earth was also seen to be set in the same year as it aired, not a year ahead. Season 22: By the Christmas Invasion the end of series 1 , it was Christmas 2006, making series 2 be the first half of 2007 around June. The writers said they wanted to bring back the time lords.

Despite the TARDIS's apparent infallibility in its security, some of the instruments inside or the interior itself have been breached and remote-controlled.

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User Polls Who are you? I wrote Harriet Jones have you got a problem with that she might come back you have no evidence that she is dead the daleks could have shot the computer and taken her hostage because how could they have killed her and the computer came off or she could appear as a flashback with many other people-- The mysterious 14: RTD at one point said Waters of Mars would air at Christmas- and in fact the special itself includes references to the holiday, suggesting this was the original plan.

space and time doctor who wiki

In my head... Season 7: References in other media.

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With time bleeding, the events of the war are, in his own words, happening again, and could be alterered if they become aware of the "current" events happening on Earth. Davies said there is more to Wilf than meets the eye, and why he is stated as standing at the heart of coincidence.

space and time doctor who wiki

On the continuity note concerning The Doctor falling through the skylight and it not killing him, unlike what happened to its Fourth Incarnation three things should be noted. The Runaway Bride.