So what nutty audiophile

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

I do not simply show up to work in order to push merch like some of these sellers that dont honestly give a hoot what your room sounds like or if they affect change the way you want. HUG has extensively discussed amplifiers and the methods for seeking the most objectively neutral among a plethora of product choices.

Why Audiophiles Hate Bose - TDNC Podcast #93

Home stereo systems optimized for accurate music reproduction are being supplanted by multi-channel, surround sound, home theater systems. It sounds as if you had been transported into the middle of a rock band or symphony orchestra, poorly reproduced and without subtlety.

so what nutty audiophile

Unfortunately underpowered tube amplification is not infrequently recommended. There is a lesson here: It would be nice if audiophile magazines and web sites were more reliable and objective.

so what nutty audiophile

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of Harbeth or its agents. They will sell you something new every week if you let them and every week whatever they are pushing is "the best". To be honest, I think it is hurt more by the waste of consumer budget spent on unecessarily expensive cables and electronics.

so what nutty audiophile

So again, Be aware that there is an honest to goodness neuroses associated with the HiFi rig and how to make it better. Music is incidental and secondary in home theater systems; it's a background sound used to establish a basic "mood" for a scene, no more important than the sound of distant traffic in an urban scene.


My family were basically good people, but not musical. Anyway, I figure that actually listening to music and being something of a component hobbyist qualifies me as an audiophile.

so what nutty audiophile

I like high quality, well made components. I have done enough listening at home, at live concerts and while auditioning loudspeakers and other components that I even think that I can tell high-fidelity sound from lower fidelity sound, better music reproduction from worse.

so what nutty audiophile

Sadly, that definition applies to much of what is printed in Audiophile, TAS and on many audiophile web sites. Earlier I quoted a definition of the word "audiophile.

I recently hapened to be on Audiogon and posted some comments, but I have stopped since. I am an industry designer and seller, so Im your dealer who will sell you whatever is needed for your rig, and I'm a professional HiFi consultant, so Im sort of Yoda to most and the way I work best is a client trusts me off the cuff, and lets me make the decisions based in my inquiry into how they listen etc. Home theater systems are optimized to re-create the sounds and ambiance recorded on movie soundtracks.

You should have at the very least , 2 8 foot ground rods 8 feet apart both wired to the same terminal at the house.