Ron carter so what rarest

ron carter so what rarest

But if you were anticipating a Davis band's simmering heat and psychic intuitions, remember those tuxedos. Carter has played on 2,221 recordings as of September 2015, according to Guinness Records. Finale Concert Ron Carter, bass 8 p.

Ron Carter

The Ron Carter quartet continued the tradition - in style and substance. The Third Plane. Carter's group followed a South African-inspired trio led by guitarist Lucky Ranku, which sometimes sounded as if it were travelling without a map, but played infectiously attractive tunes. The highlights included almost all of Stephen Scott's liquid and idiomatically sweeping piano playing, Peyton Crossley's irrepressibly busy drumming, and the statuesque leader's bass-playing, of course.

Baker Street irregulars. If Carter and his multifarious works vanished, life might go on.

ron carter so what rarest

Eddie's Theme. Ron Carter. Arts and Culture. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Most popular. King meets the queen.

The Modern Jazz Quartet MJQ did the biggest favour to the tux in jazz, looking and often sounding like a classical chamber ensemble. Test ads mobile comments bottom. Truly a team effort, this consistently well-played set should remind us all how brilliant these players are, especially with the cool Count Basie concept of "less is more" in mind.

ron carter so what rarest

I do that kind of stuff and I have a great time. Blues Classical Country. The American band then slid a succession of themes into each other without pauses, beginning with a softly fluid piece reminiscent of Carter's Miles Davis era and shifting through quiet Latin swingers, slowly soulful blues over a steady, MJQ-like tick, a samba, Miles Davis's So What, and a fastidious Some Day My Prince Will come for an encore.

Whitaker, mentor to hundreds of musicians, is elated to finally get one of his own mentors in the house.