Randolph movie theater whats playing

Yongsan Reel Time Theater

Simply pop on your 3D glasses which look like normal sunglasses, are completely recyclable, designed to fit comfortably on heads of all sizes, and can easily fit over prescriptions glasses. For example, if you apply for a Starpass Card, you earn points for every ticket you purchase. As we mentioned, the company now operates in multiple countries around the world including Brazil and Argentina.

Please contact your local theater for accurate pricing.

Showcase Cinema Prices (US)

Specifically, every dollar you spend on eligible purchases at Showcase and participating locations will result in 10 points be attributed to your membership. Showcase Cinema was initially established in the United Kingdom in August 1986 as a subsidiary of one of the most powerful cinema operators in the United States.

Prices were last updated on 24 March 2017. Showcase continues to innovate in order to provide the best cinema experience to its customers, and it must in order to stay competitive in the industry.

Reel Time Movie Theater

Treat yourself to affordable prices, luxurious seating, and the ultimate in the latest cinema technology. Be totally thrilled and mesmerized as you watch your favorite movies at Showcase.

randolph movie theater whats playing

No worries! Feel like taking it a step further? Movie Theater Prices. The combination of both these formats allows the customers to watch a movie according to their preference as well as their budget.

Showcase Cinemas de Lux Randolph

Tell us. A complete list of Showcase Cinema ticket prices can be found on its official website. Want to know just how big?

randolph movie theater whats playing

See a trend? Wonderful films, delicious snacks, exhilarating fun , and many other benefits can be enjoyed, all this at truly low ticket prices. The cinema boasts of a number of IMAX and 3D screens for the highly adventurous viewers, while still maintaining its standard screens for regular viewing.

randolph movie theater whats playing

Please not these prices are for US locations only. The biggest IMAX screen comes in 105ft or 32m wide.