No oil car smoking when starting

What does smoke coming out of the exhaust mean?

He owns a Prius. If the oil is not the correct type or viscosity, it could also bypass the rings on the piston or valve seals and end up in the combustion chamber. The only reason I could think of for valve seals being gone if that is the cause would be if the engine has suffered some chronic or severe overheating. What to expect: If the exhaust smoke is black: What others are asking Q: After the initial cloud which is the oil that has oozed into the valve ports the problem may still be there; just not as noticeable.

no oil car smoking when starting

When a mechanic was in between jobs or held up on parts they would grab one off the back lot and start in with the PITA job of cleaning the valve train up and opening up the drain holes. There's a reason they're called Idiot lights.

Seeing smoke from the engine or exhaust? Get your car inspected at your home or office.

How important is this service? Cracked engine block: If the exhaust smoke is blue or gray: A little bit of white smoke from the exhaust on a cold morning can just mean steam, and is fairly normal. Was this answer helpful?

no oil car smoking when starting

They will check the fuel system, check for oil or coolant leaks, and then check the computer system to find any engine management fault codes. I wasted no time and parked right away on the side of the road. Burning oil like this can cause a wide range of issues from reduced fuel economy to less-than-stellar acceleration.

forgot to check my oil this time between service.. car started smoking when i turned it on after..

Jarred 7 years of experience. May 16, 2013 10. Which engine do you have?

no oil car smoking when starting

Then when you start the engine…the oil is burned off which you see as blue smoke. Valve seals could be replaced if desired without too much engine disassembly. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified. The code is for the torque converter clutch solenoid or circuit problem. The remedy is simple: The oil filler cap in almost all the engines releases a faint whiff of smoke, which is a residue of the burnt fuel inside the engine.

What Your Exhaust Smoke Is Trying To Tell You

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no oil car smoking when starting

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