Maplesea how to go neo tokyo

Kristian , Jeen , nickkmurks and 3 others like this. Star Planet. The NPC shopkeepers here sell different items that act like return scrolls, instantly taking you back to areas of Zipangu.

Neo Tokyo. (Not neo city)

These Yakuza members and random bosses pose a hazard to lower level players venturing to Showa. So, we're not gonna get an update on this suggestion.

maplesea how to go neo tokyo

False Daimyo - Boss 180. Activation of Coreblaze Quest: Horny Mushroom 12.

maplesea how to go neo tokyo

Floating Market. I can't say anything about anything else, but Kamuna is probably inaccessible via the portal, because it is where you fight the final boss during the Mushroom Shrine Tales story. Asparagus and Plenty like this. Party Quests.

Eliminating Blue Mushmom. Orange Mushroom 10. Grako and Candles Quest: Katsuruka , Oct 13, 2015. Should we get the jMS Content? Yes pls, I love that idea.

Poni Chai's Good Friend Quest: Dark Stone Golem 16. Missing you. Angelic Buster. Resistance quests. A World Tour Area with rich culture and history, memorable characters, and a tale that transcends time and space.

maplesea how to go neo tokyo

Views Read Edit View history. Not available in GMS. Blue Mushdad - Boss 90 Crow 25 File: I am all for new Zones.

maplesea how to go neo tokyo

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