Leveling kit f150 instructions how to tie

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leveling kit f150 instructions how to tie

Forgot your Password? Helpful 10 Thanks for your input! Additional Tips. Always block off your tires and make sure your vehicle is in park with your emergency brake on.

How to Install ReadyLIFT 2 in. Leveling Kit on your F-150

Product Photos Customer Pics 1 User pics. Read over your instructions before you begin.

leveling kit f150 instructions how to tie

Good product. A few hits with the hammer on the steering knuckle not the tie rod should allow the tie rod to pop out if it happens to be stuck. Unless otherwise specified, tighten all bolts and fasteners to standard torque specifications listed within the OE Service Manual, or as referenced in the torque specification list provided in these instructions.

leveling kit f150 instructions how to tie

With the lower strut bolt out or loose, take your jack and place it under your lower control arm to keep it slightly elevated and remove the upper ball joint nut. Mechanical expertise or professional installation required. Answer Upvote. This can be a very, very tight nut and it may be wise to rent or borrow a power tool to help.

2015-2017 F150 Rough Country 2" Leveling Strut Extensions Review & Install

If I buy this will the front be leveled wit the back or the truck or will the front set higher than the back. After getting the F-150 into the air high enough to remove the front tires, place two jack stands at the frame of the truck. Once you have completed the install, be sure to have your truck aligned.

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To start, set the parking brake on your truck and place blocks in front of and behind the rear tires to ensure the truck wont roll. Close Have a minute to review your recent purchases?

leveling kit f150 instructions how to tie

Kit specific tools suggested: Share it with us! In general, we suggest that for all installations you:.

Ford F-150: How To Install Leveling Kit

Google Plus. Turn the front wheels completely left then right and verify adequate tire, wheel, brake line, and ABS wire clearance.

leveling kit f150 instructions how to tie

This ball joint is usually pretty difficult to pop out. Saved - View your saved items.

Installing a Leveling Kit on an F150 (2004+)

In comparison to their suspension lift kit counterparts, leveling kits are much more cost effective and easier to install. If you still have the lower strut bolt on the lower control arm, you may have to pry down on the lower control arm a bit so the strut comes out of the bracket. In turn, the spacer nuts should be used with the spacer studs.