Laura howard springboro cause of death

laura howard springboro cause of death

Carly Swinford. Alexandra Mullens.

Missing Springboro resident found dead in Middletown

During an investigation, detectives found Storm, legally known as Robert Khuen, to have left behind his ID and a passport, birth certificate and old marriage license belonging to Laura Howard.

Detectives say when they walked into Howard's apartment, they found her in a state of severe decomposition, having to identify using her dental records because she had been in water for several days. Howard's son Greg knew very little about this mystery man, but was sure his mother didn't want Storm in the picture the week in April he planned on visiting Southwest Florida.

laura howard springboro cause of death

The next day Berger and a neighbor went to check up on Howard's home. Storm roped Howard in with the story he illegally immigrated from Canada sneaking through the border and hitch hiking his way to find his ex-wife and only daughter. Thank you, bessie!

Laura Howard: Unsolved Death Investigation

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laura howard springboro cause of death

Detectives have a clear pictures of Khuen, the sole person of interest for Laura's death but haven't found him yet. Your name or email address: The Miamisburg Police Department is now working the case. Storm agreed, went upstairs to get his ID but instead jumped out the window and was never seen again. Another article: Known For.

Missing Springboro woman found dead

How Much Have You Seen? One of the missing women had helped detectives in their search for Lindsay Bogan, who had been missing for months before her remains were found last summer in a Madison Twp.

Patterson Ave is next light up to worksite's left and down Patterson and Dorshire is there.

laura howard springboro cause of death

No idea how long this was in progress but Chelsea was found just beyond this worksite take right across bridge and down Creekside Ave on left.

Favourite Actresses. At this point, friends and family members are calling Howard and Storm to find out where they are, by the second day, both of the phones were off. Jane Taylor.

laura howard springboro cause of death

With the exception of Coe and Miller, the remaining five women including Lindsay Bogan disappeared in the months of either May or September, 2015-2017.