How to use brow scissors

But if you wanted a fine cut they would work. You can also use fingernail scissors or hair-cutting scissors, but eyebrow scissors will give you the most control and the best result.

Again, use a blush brush to wipe any eyebrow hair off your face.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Trimming Your Eyebrows Correctly

What I'm doing now is using a brush, which is at the end of an eyebrow pencil, to brush my eyebrows. Lover of all things vintage and holistic healing.

They are difficult to to grip and it's takes lost of trys.

how to use brow scissors

Leave a Review Ask A Question. Get Beaut. Just find a chopstick or pencil and get started. I agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Yes No I need help 13 Thank you for watching me trimming my eyebrows.

Works well enough but sometimes it does not grab enough to pull out the hair that needs to come out but all in all it doesn't really matter what type of tweezer are you use. Hi, you are watching VisiHow.

Run the scissors directly above the brush and cut the excess hair. I don't know how? I would buy these again for my beauty needs.

how to use brow scissors

When you trim your eyebrows, you need to pick the right scissors. How to stop mascara flaking under your eye Stop panda eye with this top tip.

3 Ways to Groom Your Eyebrows

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how to use brow scissors

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