How to smooth edges with box braids

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I found that one of the best ways to get that hair growing thick and strong was to keep the area moisturized. Rub a dime sized portion into your palms and smooth down braids from root to end as needed.

Natural Au Naturale! Tara is a Nigerian who lives between Lagos and London. Protective styles not only cut the time of your beauty routine in half; they're also a great way to protect your natural strands from potential damage. Lay down fuzzy hairs after you leave the gym with this non-sticky holding balm.

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how to smooth edges with box braids

No matter the outcome of tonight's election, edges are likely to be snatched and sweated out. To the contrary, we also realize that not everyone is a fan of applying gel in the traditional sense.

How to Regrow Edges and Bald Spots

Hack 5: The smartest application method would be to draw on the brows as you normally would and seal by applying a small dollop of gel with your spoolie brush. She loves to help naturals, transitioners and anyone hoping to go natural one day!

how to smooth edges with box braids

Read ahead for my first impression review with…. Must See Feed-In Braids.

How To Hack Your Styling Gel For Ultimate Laid Edges

Keep your strands from looking mop-like by keeping them nourished with this hydrating sea mineral moisturizer. Prep your protective style for long wear by applying this styling gel with extra firm hold to your roots.

This is a big no no! Hack 6: I hope you find these tips helpful! Use daily to keep your scalp hydrated.

how to smooth edges with box braids

Not only does it seal the moisture into your hairline exceptionally well, but it softens the hair that grows in. And instead of using a hard brush, try just tying your edges down with a silk scarf for 10-15 minutes.

How to Keep Your Braids Fresh and Fierce

How to Prep Your Hair for Braids. Medium Length: When applied to damp hair, curls take shape more efficiently and the smoothing effects of argan oil will eliminate frizz.

Hack 3: